The factory is established in 1945 as TPK Svoboda factory. In 1971 it merged with Yavor industrial factory and in 1978 it merged again with DIP Sava Ganchev factory. In 1990 it was transformed into an affiliate company of Lazur state factory

Its successor in title from 05.02.1996 had been Yavor EAD (Sole Proprietor Stock Company). As a result from the mass privatization it was transformed into Yavor PLC (Public Listed Company) entered in the Commercial Register of Varna District Court, decision from 17.02.1998 under c.r. 5540/95

Yavor PLC, city of Varna is a public company entered in the register of issuers in 1998. The company has main capital in the amount of 15 079 958 BGN distributed in 15 079 958 registered dematerialized shares with right to vote with nominal value of 1 BGN.

Intercom group OOD is a major stockholder in Yavor PLC, city of Varna, holding around 90% of the votes in the general assembly of the company. 

Intercom group OOD is a leading company in the trade with steel tubes, reinforcement and sheet iron.

The subject of activity of Yavor PLC is: Construction of residential, business, industrial and other structures, acquiring or constructing real estates for sale, mediation in real estate deals, real estate management, leasing real estates and other mobile property, executing deals with intellectual property. Other activities that are not prohibited by the law.