Dear new homeowners!

YAVOR AD has maintained strong presence in the real estate market for 15 years as a company with unchallenged authority and reputation. YAVOR AD is an investment company, part of INTERCOM GROUP, a company with more than 20-year history and a national leader in metalware manufacturing and trade.

All of our projects, both past and current, are known for their quality, style, homelike feel, functionality and excellent location. It is remarkable that we not just build houses for you but create peaceful home environment where you’d love to live in.

Our portfolio of successfully delivered projects includes seven residential buildings of 20700 sq.m. total building area and two public buildings: Trade Center Yavor and the luxurious office building Intercom Group, as well as the following projects in progress: Apartment complex BRIZ PANORAMA of 15 000 sq.m. total building area located in Briz Residential Quarter, Building Yavor of 6 200 sq.m. total building area located in Mladost Residential Quarter, and Building Mladost of 17 400 sq.m. total building area located in Mladost Residential Quarter in Varna.

In spite of the short terms within which we deliver our projects, we have never compromised on the high quality of the materials we invest in construction and on the sequence and completeness of the technological process. We select with particular care the top-quality concrete, bricks, thermal insulation and damp-proofing materials, roofing details, finishing, door and window frames and double-glazing units, lifts and balusters. We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies in construction and put to use the best of it.

Trust in us!